The Drew Estates Natural Root Maduro

06 Apr

The other day Cigar Monster ran a medium-bodied five pack sampler deal that was irresistible.  The sample pack included a Cohiba, Onyx, Graycliff, Camacho and Drew Estates Natural Root all for $17.98 including shipping!  (If you have the iPhone and haven’t downloaded the FREE Cigar Monster app, you’re missing out on tons of savings).

Cigar Monster iPhone App

My package arrived today just moments before my lunch hour.  Perfect timing!  I scarfed down my lunch so that I could get on to more important things.  I checked out each cigar and decided that I would try the Drew Estates Natural Root Maduro.  Now, quite frankly, I haven’t tried many cigars from Drew Estates.  The ones I have tried were not that memorable.  I think my main hang up with them is actually quite small:  it’s those ugly Acid bands.  You would think that for all the effort they put into different tastes, styles, etc. they’d do something to spice up those bands.  Anyways, it’s their company.  I digress.

Here are the details for the Drew Estates Natural Root Maduro:

  • Size:  Robusto (5 x 50)
  • Wrapper:  Maduro, country unknown
  • Binder:  Syria, Turkey, Haiti, Dominican Republic, St. James Parish
  • Filler:  Nicaragua
  • Strength:  Medium

As I looked at the cigar through the cellophane wrapper, I first noticed the two bands:  one at the head and one at the foot of the cigar.  After removing the cellophane and foot band, I actually thought this cigar had gotten smashed in shipping.  In reality, what I was seeing was the Root’s uniquely put together foot.  It almost appeared as if the roller had forgotten to cut off the end of the scrap tobacco.  The wrapper was dark brown and the cigar “gave” a little more than most cigars when squeezed ever so slightly.  The Root smelled sweet and almost sugary.  I used a cheap double-blade guillotine cut on the cap which seemed to work fine.  The pre-light draw almost seemed too loose.

Lighting the rough foot was easier than I thought, but the ash was brittle.  As I started to get into the first third all I could taste was chocolate.  I’m not much for retrohaling, but I do it at least a couple of times during each cigar to make sure I’m getting all the flavors.  Usually I just end up hurting my sinuses, but that wasn’t the case with the Root.  It was smooth and didn’t annoy my sinuses one bit.  I tapped the first bit of ash off around the 1 inch mark because it was windy outside and, as I mentioned before, the ash was already falling apart.

The second third of the cigar was pretty much the same as the first third with chocolate being the predominant taste–kind of sweet and sugary.  The smoke was thick, rich and creamy.  I really thought that the tastes were going to be consistent throughout, but when I got to the final third things started changing.

Instead of a sweet taste, I started getting a black coffee taste that combined with the chocolate to make for a real interesting smoke.  As the cigar started to get hot, I was tasting a little bitterness.  It wasn’t a bad bitterness, it was more of the bitterness you’d expect from an espresso or French Press Coffee.

All in all this wasn’t a bad cigar, but it wasn’t one of my favorites.  This is the dessert wine of cigars.


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2 responses to “The Drew Estates Natural Root Maduro

  1. philg

    July 7, 2011 at 2:34 am

    I thought it tasted like a $5 Backwoods. Flavor of sulphur built until I had to put it out. Save your money.

    • thesmokingdeck

      August 1, 2011 at 5:16 pm

      Flavor-infused cigars are not my favorite that’s for sure!


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