On not smoking

01 Apr

There are times in my life when I have no desire to smoke.  Usually, at least for me, those times occur during the summer months.  Temperatures are so hot and humidity is so sticky that sitting out on the deck for more than a few minutes is almost unbearable.  In just a few minutes time, sweat will be pouring out of me and I’ll be miserable.  That’s not quite the experience I’m looking for when I choose to sit down and enjoy a pipe or cigar.

But there are other times when my attraction to the hobby just isn’t as strong as it is now.  So what does a pipe and cigar hobbyist do in the down times?  I suggest you go with your gut and put the pipes and cigars down for as long as you feel you need.  Don’t be negligent of your humidor (like I was) or pipe tobacco.  Make sure to keep everything hydrated so that your investments don’t dry up, but feel free to take some time off.  Many people I know, myself included, take time away from the hobby for any number of reasons.  Some people abstain from the use of tobacco for a certain time for health reasons or because they are testing themselves to be sure they are not becoming addicted to the hobby or, specifically in this economy, just to save a little extra cash.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Just because you take a month or two off from smoking doesn’t make you any less of a pipe or cigar smoker.  In fact, taking some much needed time off might reinvigorate your passion for the pipe or cigar.

Like I said, it has been my practice over the past twelve or so years to purposefully abstain from smoking for extended periods of time.  I always want to make sure that pipe and cigar smoking remains for me a hobby and not a need. I always want to enjoy the tobacco but I never want to feel like I need it.  And it’s always a wonderful day when I get the desire back, fill a pipe with my favorite blend and light up!  As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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