The Gurkha Symphony Robusto #4

31 Mar

Last week I received an e-mail informing me of a special that an online tobacco retailer was running.  It was a cigar caddy, butane lighter and double guillotine cutter with two cigars:  A CAO Gold Churchill and a Gurkha Symphony Robusto #4.  I decided to spring for it since I was in need of both a butane lighter and a cigar caddy.  My shipment arrived today and I decided to try out the Gurkha Symphony at lunch.

Here are the details of the Symphony:

  • Size:  Robusto (6 x 50)
  • Wrapper:  Connecticut Shade
  • Binder:  Dominican Republic
  • Filler:  Nicaragua
  • Strength:  Medium

When I first took the cigar out of the cellophane wrapper, I noticed how dry the cigar was.  Maybe it was the fact that it had been out of a humidor for a few days, but it seemed a tad dry and I didn’t notice any oil on the wrapper.  I cut the cigar with the double guillotine cutter that was included in with the shipment and I thought it cut the cap well.  It’s the kind of cutter that has a “back” to it which keeps you from taking off more of the cap than you want.  The punch cut is my preferred cut, but I always like having other options laying around.

The pre-light draw was open and airy–very little resistance and I detected a woodsy/nutty taste.  The first thing I noticed after lighting it was that there was very little smoke output.  And again, the draw was very loose.  The woodsy taste lingered in the mouth, but it wasn’t overbearing by any means.  Just a nice, woodsy taste with a little bit of spice.

As I got into the second third, the burn was even, the ash was holding strong after 1.5″ and it was starting to really produce some nice smoke.  The flavors become more pronounced, but still nothing too overpowering.  There seemed to be more spice and even some dark chocolate notes.  The cigar took on the infamous “cone” shape once I tapped off the ash from the second third and the burn was amazing.  Despite its somewhat open draw, the cigar remained fairly cool until I had to extinguish it before i was too far into the final third (due to time constraints).

Overall, I really enjoyed this cigar.  It had just enough flavor to keep me interested, but not too much flavor to get me sick!  No lightheadedness at all–just a great tasting medium bodied cigar.  It was a perfect lunch smoke although I wish I would have had another fifteen to twenty minutes to enjoy it!

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