The La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB

29 Mar

Many people live their lives without giving it a second thought.  They deal with issues as they arise without understanding what led them to that specific point or without any thought to where their path will lead in the future.  That mentality described me as a pipe and cigar smoker for quite some time.  If I happened to stumble upon a tobacco blend or cigar that I liked, I had no idea why I liked it.  I just knew it tasted good to me.  After all, ignorance is bliss, right?

Well not necessarily.  And after years of just stumbling my way through a tobacco hobby, I decided I should start taking these experiences seriously.  I’m not talking about a seriousness that zaps all the joy and pleasure out of smoking a hand rolled cigar or pipe tobacco, but a seriousness that breeds respect and admiration for the history of the hobby.

It was with this mindset that I took to my deck this past Saturday morning.  I had all the tools I needed to sit down and bask in the glory of the La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB:  cigar, lighter, bullet cutter, chair, water and a strong cafecito (I’ll cover cafecito in another post soon!).  The weather was beautiful, the birds were chirping and a soft wind was blowing.  I knew I was in for a treat!

Now for those who didn’t know, La Gloria Cubana had placed a coupon for a free Serie N cigar in the pages of the most recent Cigar Aficionado magazine.  So on Friday, March 25, I purchased the magazine and redeemed the coupon at my local tobacconist.  My selection was the Serie N JSB (apparently named as such to honor late tobacconist John Steven Boyd).  Here are the cigar’s details?

  • Size:  JSB (5.5 x 54)
  • Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro
  • Binder:  Nicaraguan
  • Filler:  Nicaragua
  • Strength:  Medium to Full Body

The cigar was very dark and oily and looked very maduro.  Its construction looked very solid and the most striking feature of the Serie N was the letter “N” that’s placed just under the famous La Gloria Cubana band.  The lightly colored emblazoned “N” provides a stark contrast against the darkness of the wrapper.  As is my custom, I used a bullet cut on the cap.  The pre-light draw left me a little anxious as it was fairly tight.

Lighting the cigar was a bit of a challenge due to the windy conditions, but it turned out to be a fairly even light.  As I got into the first third, I tasted a lot of peppery notes with a medium aftertaste.  This was a tasty cigar with a medium to full flavor.  The second third transitioned into a nice rich coffee flavor which might have been affected by the cafecito I was drinking throughout.  The final third is where the cigar began getting pretty heavy.  It wasn’t overwhelmingly full, but it was definitely on the ‘full’ side of medium to full.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable smoke to me and I suggest that you try one too.  This cigar was free, but prices range from $6-$8 which I feel is pretty reasonable.  So give this cigar a try and enjoy the process, the tastes, the textures and every other sensation that comes when enjoying a cigar.  Who ever said “ignorance is bliss?”

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