The 262 Paradigm Robusto

21 Mar

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have won some free cigars from 262 Cigars.  And as eager as I was to smoke these bad boys right up, I just couldn’t seem to find the time to do so.  But this past Sunday afternoon was perfect.  The weather was perfect, my son was napping, my wife was channel surfing and getting ever closer to the Lifetime Channel (cringe!) so I decided to try out the 262 Paradigm Robusto.  So here are the deets:

  • Size:  Robusto (4×52)
  • Wrapper:  Brazillian
  • Binder:  Honduran
  • Filler:  Seco, Ligero Nicaragua
  • Strength:  Medium to Full Body

The cigar was very well constructed.  It was mailed to me, so I thought that it might sustain some damage before it got to me, but it was just beautiful.  The cellophane wrapper probably protected it throughout the shipping process.  As I removed it from the cellophane, I knew I was in for a treat.  The smell and look of this cigar was an absolute delight.  I used a bullet punch which seemed to keep the majority of the cap in tact.  The pre-light draw was just perfect:  not too tight, not too loose.  I lit the cigar with a torch lighter and enjoyed it with water.

The first few draws tasted very spicy to me.  Not overly spicy, but spicy enough.  The light was perfect in that it didn’t “burn” the cigar, but it wasn’t an even light.  It did, however, even up before I got through the first third of the cigar.  As I approached the second third, the cigar became less spicy and more creamy but there was still a lot of flavor going on.  I tend to not enjoy cigars after I’ve started the final third.  Usually the heat from the cigar just distorts the flavors too much for me and it becomes unenjoyable.  Such was the case with this 262 Paradigm Robusto.  Very soon after I tapped off the ash and started with the final third, the cigar got very hot so I put it down.  Many people still enjoy cigars at that point, but I’m not one of them.  But I won’t fault the cigar maker for my own subjectivity.

One thing I really enjoyed about the 262 Paradigm Robusto was when I was finished, I didn’t have a nicotine hangover.  I knew I had just enjoyed a cigar, but I didn’t have the feeling that comes from Peterson’s Irish Flake pipe tobacco or other nicotine-heavy smokes.  This was the perfect smoke on the deck!

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